Updated Errors Policy ( What is an A, B, C and so on) 

When it comes to pins, they are all hand made and then shipped over seas to me. This means that they aren't always 100% flawless. Here are my policy regarding what I consider an A grade, B grade and so on. 

A Grade - A pin that does not have any missing enamel, air bubbles that are noticeable, wrong color, bad plating  or anything that when you see it for the first time you can tell its not A grade (bad epoxy job, missing print, wrong glitter). Small items that are not noticeable unless you put the pin to the light and move it are not consider a lower grade. If you need to be 5 inches away from the pin to see it then its not a B grade. - Misplace glitter specs are consider A grade in 90% of the cases unless its on the face or other distinct features. 

Lower Grade - This is a grade between A and B for pins that look good but just have the smallest of smudges or a small line. Most of the time I sell Lower Grade. Lower Grade pins can have a range of things but do not fit into A or B. 

B Grade - A pin that does contain some imperfections, these are but not limited to, Air bubbles, wrong color glitter, slight plating issues. B grade are also things that you will notice from 3 feet away. 

C Grade  - C grade have missing enamel, major wrong colors, horrible plating, damn right horrible pins that you can tell from a mile away. 90% of the time these pin will never be sold. 

My goal is to always ship out the best quality pin I can! i take pride and joy in sending out good quality. So much so that I'm anxious from the moment i place the production order until they are in your hands. Some makers might not care and some others either but to me if you are willing to spend your hard earn money on me I cant help but give you the best experience i can! 

Regarding Colors and other general content. 

Please note that colors might not match 100% to the final product as pins are mixed by hands and all monitors are different. You might receive a pin that the screen print might be a tad off this is normal as most pins are done by hand and getting such fine control over a small surface is not always 100% perfect and can result in slights imperfections. Some slight scratches in the metal can also be present and they will not consider B or C grade. If high imperfections are seen those will consider B.  

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Hard enamel is not always a 100% guarantee but will be the standard. All Sales are final and exchanges/cancelations will not be accepted due to plating or enamel style. For returns, the buyer pays for return postage and send the pin back. 

Pins will be graded based on the most optimal scale but due to the nature of hand made items some might have small defects that are not as noticeable. 

Hard enamel is polish and the polishing steps results is a surfaces that at an angle looks scratch. This is normal with this style of pins. 

Preorders are always the way this shop goes, extras are not guaranteed. The best way is to preorder. When preordering you are guaranteed the best quality possible in the bunch. Preorder pins are shipped in order from first oder to the latest.